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Nudi Pageant (2013)

Nudi Pageant features elaborate, handmade costumes and sightless back-lit dance choreography. The costumes and performance were inspired in equal parts by Busby Burkley’s fantasy showgirl productions, Miss Universe pageantry, burlesque, and phosphorescently gorgeous nudibranch sea slugs.

Performance by: Adelaide Agyemang, Claire Gustavson, Michael Bennett, Sam Poulous (MC)

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Arachnophila (2013)

Blurring the lines between fear and fantasy, Archnophila is a Pilobolus dance theater, rhythmic movement, and contemporary dance inspired performance. Two forms hatch from one translucent shell and merge into a multi-limbed, creeping spider in this spine tingling, hair raising dance.

Performance by: Adelaide Agyemang, Caroline Record

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The Great Release (2012)

In The Great Release, I perform as a Dionysian priestess by channeling the spirits of charlatan ministers.

My congregation has tragically overindulged during the Bacchanalian holiday, resulting in physical and spiritual constipation. An Altar Bear passes out communion to the audience, as we dance and sing in tongues asking for salvation.

The only release is fervent prayer and wrinkled prunes.

Special thanks: Scott Andrew (Altar Bear), Anna Nelson, Nico Zevallos, Murphi Cook, Benjamin Welmond (camera) and audience members.