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I am a interdisciplinary artist, writer, and educator who was born in Ghana and currently lives in a liminal state between New York City and suburban New Jersey. A lot of who I am can be understood from my identity as an immigrant, as well as my relationships with my family in the United States and throughout the global African diaspora. For this reason, one of the unifying threads in my artwork is an interest in telling personal stories, sharing intimate memories, and searching for moments of human connection.

For me, art represents a means of bridging what may appear to be disparate communities and linking my own lived experiences with the lives of others. I am devoted to remembering the people, places, and events we are too comfortable forgetting or have never taken the time to really see. I use several creative mediums, including painting and drawing, text, installation, video, and increasingly, social media. Often, I play with humor to expose historical myth as well as to spark dialogue about contemporary politics, society and culture. My artwork is a spiritual practice that exhumes the past whilst prophesizing the future.

I hold a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University with a concentration in electronic time-based media and a  degree in Ethics, History, and Public Policy (2014). I’ve performed at the Andy Warhol Museum, 6119 Gallery, and have had group exhibitions throughout Pittsburgh.

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